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Our Mission


Enhancing the promotion and respect for human rights, rule of law, and democratic principles, Promoting democracy and good governance through on and offline campaigns, Developing strategies and gathering resources in securing compliance with human rights norms, Working with government authorities to improve human rights situations, to keep abuses to a minimum, and to encourage ratification of international treaties and agreements related to human rights, Providing legal services to victims of human rights violations at national and international fora (National Courts, African Commission), Legal Assistance to victims of Human Rights abuses (individuals and groups) by working in close collaboration with legal practitioners who render pro bono services, Collaborating with members of the legislative, judicial and executive branches so as to bring the necessary legal changes, Serving as a liaison with other (domestic and international) Non–Governmental Organisations focused on human rights, ranging from educational institutions, governmental and intergovernmental bodies to charities. Collaborate with the media to disseminate information pertaining to human rights education awareness-raising.

Who We Are

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) is an independent, nongovernmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights and the promotion of democracy as a political culture in Africa. It engages in different and sensitive issues related to the advancement of Human Rights and Democracy via a series of projects, and also seeks to foster research in these fields by offering opportunities to Human Rights activists, legal practitioners, graduate and undergraduate students to volunteer, intern and study at the Centre and its partner institutions.

Southern Cameroons Crisis: Human rights abuses are ongoing.

Southern Cameroons Crisis: Human rights abuses are ongoing

The Southern Cameroons crisis that started in late 2016 has put Cameroon in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, especially regarding human rights abuses. Over the last fifteen months, the country’s English-speaking regions have witnessed huge human rights abuses that have caught the attention of human rights groups and the United Nations.










Human Rights Monitoring

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

CHRDA monitors human rights, democracy and good governance in various African States. We believe that it is necessary to monitor the implementation of existing human rights standards in these countries and engage stakeholders on such issues in order to make constructive changes.




We enlist the public and the international community to support the cause of human rights and Democracy in Africa.