Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa


Women's Rights

Serious violations of women’s rights in Africa remain unchecked and are on the rise everyday.  African women are the victims of systematic gender-based discrimination facilitated by internal institutions such as domestic laws, policies and cultural practices that deny women equal rights as human beings. These have been challenges to effective compliance of women’s rights in Africa.  The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa believes that the rights of women are crucial in any society and thus seeks to promote those rights through various institutions at local, regional and continental levels. 

We implement initiatives that promote women's economic and human rights, support women activists and lawyers, and confront harmful cultural, traditional or religious practices. We partner with organizations, civil society, clergy and traditional rulers in working for the respect of women rights. We also organize working sessions with traditional leaders and the local communities on the benefits to the society for women to be treated on an equal basis with men.  




Dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights and the promotion of democracy as a political culture in Africa.



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