Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa



The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, through its resources and affiliations with educational institutions, provides opportunities to scholars and human rights activists at all levels, to commit themselves to current or developing human rights themes, develop a methodology through which information will be gathered, and culminate into a publication by writing a substantive paper for the benefit of the public.  Such issues may generally, be centred on international law, ranging from international human rights, international criminal law, the notions of gender and the law, international humanitarian law, the working of intergovernmental organizations, and democracy and the democratization of States in Africa.  In doing this, we strive to contribute to the wealth of knowledge and also develop practical strategies and guidelines that can be useful to policy makers around the world.

The CHRDA hopes to do this by exploring the availability and support of professional scholars who will be of optimal assistance in supervising the research projects.


Dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights and the promotion of democracy as a political culture in Africa.



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