Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa


Legal Literacy / Education

Many human rights violations are perpetuated on a continuous basis because the victims of those violations are not aware of their rights. In this regard, we sensitize and educate the public on their rights and measures to be taken when a violation occurs or is about to occur. We get the public involved in human rights activities so as to break the stereotype that human rights are only meant for the privileged and educated class. We also work with schools and colleges towards the building of a culture of respect for human rights. We realise that it is necessary to begin educating students at an early age on the importance of human rights so that as they grow older the culture also grows in them. We realised that while governments are the worst violators of human rights, individuals also play a major role in human rights violations, hence the need to educate the public.

We partner with parental organizations, church organisations, and student union bodies to promote a culture of human rights. We provide regular educational programs via existing outlets with the hope of creating awareness on human rights issues.  This education is done through the organization of intermittent conferences, panel discussions, public lectures delivered at educational institutions and the media.  We engage student’s at all educational levels and organise and sponsor debates related to human rights issues. 


Dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights and the promotion of democracy as a political culture in Africa.



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