Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa


Human Rights Monitoring

The CHRDA monitors human rights, democracy and good governance in various African States. We believe that it is necessary to monitor the implementation of existing human rights standards in these countries and engage stakeholders on such issues in order to make constructive changes.

This is done by monitoring the following:

  1. General human rights practice in African States.
  2. Thematic monitoring on issues like juvenile justice, sexual and domestic violence, prisoners’ rights etc.
  3. Elections monitoring.
  4. Institutional monitoring on good governance including and not limited to encouraging enthusiastic participation by States in the African Peer Review Monitoring under the New economic partnership for African development initiative.

In doing such monitoring, we collaborate with local and international NGOs and civil society groups, engage local personnel on the ground, compile reports and make follow-ups to such reports.


Dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights and the promotion of democracy as a political culture in Africa.



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